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All expositions, examination papers, book reports, research projects and all different sorts of written assignments given by www.helponessay.com are planned to research/reference purposes only and should not be utilized in contravention of international copyright restrictions. HelpOnEssay isn’t in charge of failure to take in the material secured by the duty or inappropriate utilization of exploration therein. Because our papers are not for submission and are expected to be utilized to help you in writing your essays, www.helponessay.com doesn’t hold any obligation regarding or give any assurances in connection to the conclusion or results of compliance to any scholarly establishment. We guarantee the written work and research high-end standards of our essays only.

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HelpOnEssay Company maintains right to use relevant materials – books, diaries, daily papers, meetings, online productions and others – unless you put the request to use some particular sources or others to be overlooked. Any supplementary data that may be valuable for the written work procedure is welcomed.

In the event that you determine that certain sources are required or are key to the finishing of the order, kindly provide it to as soon as possible. Helponessay.com will not hold any responsibility for the delays caused due to non-receipt of the extra material or the unresponsiveness of customers. Since we work on the web, we expect that you have entry to all the supplies vital for sending and accepting data through Internet.


Our main goal is to provide you with the superior quality written work. For this purpose to be achieved it is imperative to understand that your guidelines will structure the main basis of all writing and research made by the assigned writer, accordingly it is in your interest to be as clear and particular as could be expected under the circumstances when including your instructions while submitting the order. You will be asked to give last affirmation to the Instructions you give to the writer in order details. It will help to avoid possible misunderstandings.

The system is truly straightforward. Please do next:

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Your paper guidelines ought to be affirmed in your Order Tracking Area within 3 hours after the order is places. Orders where instructions aren’t confirmed will not be processed which can cause delays. Helponessay.com ensures that the delivered paper will meet only confirmed instructions.


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After getting an accomplished order you are qualified for a free modification if paper fails to meet your instructions. If this is the case, then you can request as many revisions as will be needed for the paper to satisfy your expectations. However, you lose this right in 14 days after the delivery.

HelpOnEssay Company perceives that depending on the assignment paper order may have different sizing that it why it will be allowed a free correction privilege time of 30 days from delivery of the first duplicate of the paper. Sufficiency in the span of the paper will be dictated by assigned www.helponessay.com regulatory work force.

All corrections will be focused around the original guidelines. In the event that at the time of the modification demand you give new, extra or contrasting directions, this will be deciphered as a provision for new work and subsequently, will require extra installment. Moreover, if you ask for a correction after the free modification qualification period (i.e. 14 days), it will additionally be considered as a solicitation for new work obliging extra payment.

On the off chance that an application for update is not submitted within the free modification qualification period, www.helponessay.com implicitly acknowledges that the client is fulfilled by the work and obliges no further moves to be made concerning the paper unless additional installment is given or another request is set.


HelpOnEssay Company understands that due to circumstances order can be cancelled. Under such circumstances full discount is issued whenever, the order has not been finished and/or the paper has never been downloaded or sent by email to the customer. In the occasion of order cancellation, stores will be charged back just to the record of starting installment within 5-7 business days from the time of abrogation solicitation. HelpOnEssay Company surveys discount asks for on a case by case premise as there are typically interesting reasons with reference to why such demands have been made. If you feel it is important to make a refund demand, we will instantly advance your request to our Quality Assurance Department. Any requests for refunds must be accepted within 14 days of download or electronic delivery of the duplicate of the archive which has created disappointment.

In the event that www.helpononessay.com repays the cash due to oversights or some superfluity to the beginning directions, our Quality Assurance Department assesses the nature of the paper and refunds the sum practically identical to the rate of the wrong substance in the paper and errors show in it.

Company gives different strategies for contact (i.e. email, phone, record message board and live talk) to encourage correspondence between you, us and the writer to accomplish your order. Utilizing any of these routines our Customer Support Center is accessible to you whenever and they will react to any discount solicitation or other issue instantly. Nonetheless, if such a request is not gained utilizing any of the previously procedure within14 days, www.helponessay.com won't be obliged to respect or consider said appeal.

Should the paper delivery be deferred because of sudden circumstances from the side of www.helponessay.com, we will be cheerful to give payment to the rupture of the request due date as a credit or a markdown to be utilized towards your next request with us. Please be informed that delivery time deviation is not subject for refund.


HelpOnEssay strives to security of your personal information and that is why we have a verification procedure. Basically, this includes affirming that the order is legitimate and that the cardholder is aware of the charges by setting a telephone call to them, and in specific cases by asking for some extra records to be submitted for check with our Risk Department. To guarantee convenient delivery of the order this technique must be finished rapidly and immediately. In this way it is basic to give correct and legitimate telephone numbers. Unverified orders will be cancelled. If you don't fell comfortable submitting any reports of yours with security reasons, you may pay by means of PayPal which is not subject to any extra confirmation system withheld by our organization. All requests paid by means of PayPal are liable to programmed check by telephone call only. In case credit card fraud is determined, the authorities in charge will be reached promptly.

In view of the Priority of organization hobbies security against fraud acts and disorderly dispute of charge, please make a special effort to be educated of the accompanying measures. By doing a chargeback, you consent to naturally surrender all your rights to the task. In the meantime, you commission the organization to distribute the finished paper and begin an initiation technique that will permit us to figure out whether you have ever utilized any parts of the venture. The strategy may incorporate reaching your school authorities and/or posting your full points of interest alongside the finished venture on the web.

Loyalty Program

As indicated by our dedication program, you get 15% off for the first order with our company. Likewise, extra cash in the measure of 10% your first order expense will be put on your credit parity for the next purchases with our service. The amount of the bonus added to credit balance is calculated on the basis of the first order price after the discount has been applied.


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